Monday, April 18, 2011

3 1/2 Months

Last Fish in 2010 - New Year's Eve
Yes, it has been 3 1/2 months since I landed a fish on a fly.  Sure, there was winter and ice fishing and I did bring a few pickerel, bass and perch up through the ice - but that doesn't count. The last fish landed was a nice rainbow on New Year's Eve.  She took a size 20 midge emerger on a local stream.

Fast forward through 10+ feet of snow, warming temps and finally the spring peepers and black stones hatching. I've probably been out on that same stream, plus some other local waters at least a dozen times since then, but nada.
A walk in the woods

Today it finally happened. The skunk is off for 2011. We trekked to one of our local bass ponds in 55 degree, sunny weather.  The wind was stiff, but not a problem for an 8 wt.

The water in the pond is still cold, but we did see some bass swimming in the shallows. I tied on an brown eelworm streamer and started casting with slow long strips. Still nothing - no takes, no follows, nothing.

My son and his friend were spin casting with no luck either.  After working around the lake pond for about an hour, I decided to change to a fly that came with high recommendations from a virtual friend through a fly swap. I tied on Ian's beadhead black and gold streamer with rubber legs and cast it where I saw a fish rise.  About five cast later, this little beauty made my day (and year, so far). Thanks Ian!!
First Fish on Fly in 2011

Beadhead Streamer in Largemouth

A colorful little pumpkin seed

We continued to have success on another local pond landing dozens of panfish between the three of us. They switched to fly rods and were throwing drys while I continued to have luck with Ian's streamer.

All in all, a good day.