Saturday, April 16, 2011

Internet Fly Tying

Not sure what motivates you to tie a new fly, but as I cruise the intertubes, I see many great patterns that just need to be tied.  One came across my screen today called the Razor Foam Caddis from Hatches by  of Colorado Skies Outfitters.

Simple, clean and designed to float high without a lot of floatant, this is a cool way to use foam--wrapped as the body.

Not sure what razor foam is, but it probably costs an arm and a leg in the local fly shop, I resorted to my stock of craft foam from Michaels.  Cut it into very thin strips and wrapped it for the body.  Tied both black and green bodies and used hackle at hand -- a grizzly black and yellow, one with a blue dun genetic.

Probably will catch some trout and certainly pan fish.

Keep it simple.