Sunday, April 10, 2011

Weavin' Nymphs

Had the pleasure of meeting Aaron Jaspers last month. Aaron is arguably the "King of Euro Nymphing" here in the Northeast. Aaron showed us how to weave flies. This is a great technique that produces very attractive flies that certainly catches fly fisherman and is supposed to catch lots of fish as well.

Aaron has some excellent videos that make it very easy to learn this technique. Check out his YouTube Channel at Trout Predator Online.  Links to two weaving videos:
Here is a shot of his flies Aaron was tying at the Bear's Den show.
Below are some of my first attempts.  These are woven with embroidery floss purchased at Michaels for $1.25 each.  The floss comes in a variety of colors (S938 Brown, S729 Gold and S3820 Yellow/Gold).  Wind these on to a couple of thread spools and weave with a bobbin.  Vary the size of the weave by using less strands (the first couple where tied with the full 6 strands and the smaller ones where tied with 4 strands).  

Here are a couple weaved with brassie wire.