Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Low Tide in the Salt Marsh

 - Early Season Schoolie Hunt - 
Got out with my striper buddy, Mark, on Saturday looking for the first striped bass "schoolies" of the season. It was a beautiful day exploring some old and new water in Rhode Island. Also met some new fly fishing friends as well.

Water temps were 50 degrees, but the schoolies were not interested. We started at place where I had luck last year with my first striper on the fly and fished the tide change from high to low.

Mark Tossing a Baitfish Fly

Incoming Tide 
I tied up some simple baitfish flies the night before that are effective in this area. Olive zonker on top, body wrapped with white or chinchilla cross-cut zonker and a simple flash lateral line.
Quick & Dirty Baitfish Pattern
Also tried Chris' Herring fly from the Fly Fish New England fly swap. It looks fantastic in the water.
Chris' "Will Work Best if Used in Water" Herring Fly Pattern
After a couple hours with no luck at the first spot, we drove farther south to explore some new water (to me). It looked so fishy. I can't believe none of us had a bump. We saw some other anglers on shore and in kayaks. They were having the same results.
Short Walk to the Second Spot
Beautiful Lines in the Salt Marsh
For still being fishless in 2014, I'm trying hard to remain positive. Sometimes you get the feeling that you are doing it all wrong, fishing the wrong spots at the wrong time, which is probably the case with looking for stripers this time of year, but it is always good to get out and fish with new friends regardless of the results.