Saturday, April 23, 2011

Field Testin'

I truly enjoy driving 10 mins, hiking for another 10 and fishing the ponds and streams in town.  This gives us the opportunity to spend some time on the water after work without the 40 minute to 3 hour trek to the local trout streams. Granted it is bass fishing, but fishing is fishing and catching the local bass is just as fun and not as technical as targeting the local trout.  We are very fortunate to have these waters in our back yard.

Yesterday after work, I picked up my two fishing buddies (my son and his friend) and we hiked in to one of the pristine ponds in town. It's a remote pond on town land that sees little fishing pressure but is filled with largemouth, panfish, perch and pickerel.  I first tried a brown woolly bugger, tossing this for about 1/2 hour with no takes. Midges and some stones where coming off in the greatest numbers so far this year, but only saw a couple of rises. The water is still a bit cold for bass so I decided to try one of the woven nymphs tied earlier this year.

Local Largemouth with Woven Nymph
The boys were chucking rubber worms, poppers and crank baits on their spincasters with no luck. I threw out the woven nymph to some likely holding areas and was having similar results. I was getting ready to move and had started to slowly wade back to shore during my last retrieve when a light tug was felt. After a brief and feisty fight, this small bass was brought to hand.

We fished for another hour with no luck, but I feel vindicated that the woven nymphs will catch fish. Never really doubted this, but their is confidence and proof.

Largemouth in hand
Confidence is a mental exercise and proof is the sanctification satisfaction of something done right.

Happy Easter all!
Resting before his release