Sunday, June 12, 2011


The last couple weeks have been a bit hectic, but in a good way. I started a new job in a new industry and much of my focus is there. We completed the first phase of a home improvement project laying a new floor in downstairs bathroom and laundry area. The Red Sox went from the basement of the American League East to 2 games in front of the Yanks. They just won their last 9 games sweeping the A's, Yankees and Blue Jays by outscoring them to 83 to 35. And the Bruins are in the Stanley Cup for the first time in 21 years.

-- White Perch on Fresh Pimp --
Needless to say, the time on the water has been few and far between.  We have been hitting the local rivers and ponds with some success. My son and I have been chasing pike and carp on the Concord River, but have not had much luck. Roughfisher's Fresh Pimps didn't get the carp, but did land my first white perch.

-- Armored Car San Juan Worm Variant -- 
My son was motivated by the flies of Jean-Paul Lipton (aka Roughfisher) and tied some Armored Car San Juan Worms for the float. He did hook into a big bass with this fly but we didn't land it for a  photo.

-- One of several largemouths --

We moved to a pond for the afternoon and he switched to his spin caster (cheater!!).  I could barely get my line in the water before he had another bass on and was asking me to take pictures.

-- Bluegill on Fresh Pimp --

Needless to say, he landed half a dozen of these bass with rubber worms and I could only get one bluegill to the boat for a pic. All of my big bass broke off in the weeds.

-- Half Juan Worm (tm) --

I am impressed with my son's fly tying creativity. After hooking that bass on the Armored Car San Juan Worm he went to the bench and created the Half Juan Worm. I'm sure someone else has tied this before, but I've never seen it. In it's first field test on a local pond, he and a friend landed a dozen bass.

I was busy with the new job and he didn't bring a camera, so we will have to take his word that this pattern killed the bass.

Both of us have been hitting the bench in prep for our upcoming vacation in Colorado.  We will be attempting to fish Rocky Mountain National Park, but from the recent reports, it looks like runoff may keep us off the streams and in search of ponds and lakes.