Monday, January 20, 2020 7th Annual Fly Swap

FFNE 7th Annual Fly Swap
We are in to our spring fishing season here in New England -- rivers and ponds are freshly stocked, the herring runs are going strong and sea lice laden schoolies are being caught in Rhode Island. And in true fashion of the "occasional blogger", the 7th Annual fly swap, that happened in January this year, is finally being documented.
It's actually the dead of winter 2020 and one year has passed since the last fly swap. I started to write this post in the spring of 2019 (see lined out intro paragraph above) and am finally finishing just a few weeks before the FFNE 8th Annual Fly Swap.
Better late than never....

Chris M. hosted us again and we had a record turnout of both tiers and their significant others, spouses and friends. We had 15 tiers this year (4 mailed their flies in) and a total of 18 in attendance to enjoy the festivities.

Every year the food gets better and every year we all go home with a pocket full of suburb flies and a full belly.

Below are the tiers and their creations. I've added Instagram handles where relevant.

1) Shakeyfly @zobugsdad
Mop and Mono Shrimp Fly

2) Chris @cmmsurfcaster
Surf Candy

3) Ginclear @ginclear
Magog Smelt and Squidsicle

4) Flatsguy @flatsguy
Crusher Tail and Worm Fly

5) Jon Williams @sapcastle

6) Matt B @mattfinfeathers
Classic Bass Flies

7) JeffSkilz @jeffskilz
Juvenal Mackerel 

8) joebe

9) Cuzzupe @paulcuzzupe
Bucktail Jig

10) Gillbuster
Wet Flies 

11) Chris Martin
Conehead Streamer

12) K2 @eveninghatch

13) Albcorb @alanbcorbin
Classic and Large Streamer

14) trico @trico_tjr
Royal Wulff and Salty Baitfish

15) FishTaco
Salty Bunny Fly
Matt B also showed us some of the classics he'd been tying.
Matt B Classics

I''m looking forward to the 2020 FFNE Fly Swap in a few short weeks.

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