Saturday, March 7, 2015

The Meadows Project

-- The Meadows Project --
I came across an interesting feed on Instagram about a month ago called The Meadows Project. Exploring a bit deeper, I discovered the group is based in Southern Vermont and are putting together some stunning video about cold water river conservation and the fly fishing history of the region.

Here's an excerpt from their website.

"THE MEADOWS PROJECT is a pursuit for the protection of Southern Vermont's cold water fisheries and the native brook trout that reside in them. Originally, a collaboration of art, the project has evolved into not only a conservation effort but also an internet based television program detailing three trout anglers journey through the fishing season. the series covers fishing techniques, quirky anecdotes, and up-to-date news about all of the project's conservation and preservation efforts. Tune into Vimeo to watch and Instagram for day to day news."

About a week ago, one of the group's members, Sean Mitchell, reached out to me and asked if I could help promote their Kickstarter Project. Living and enjoying all things fly fishing in New England, I embraced the opportunity to post information about their work. 

From their Kickstarter Project Page:

"The Meadows Project is a web series that tells the story of three guys and their love for fly fishing, their home state of Vermont, and the beautiful native brook trout that live there. We hope that our story along with our efforts in conservation and preservation will inspire others to get involved in their local watershed's health.

Since the introduction of the German native brown trout and the Pacific Northwest native rainbow trout to Vermont, the population of lowland brook trout in southern Vermont has dwindled. This fact coupled with astronomically high bag limits have drastically changed lowland ecosystems. However, high in the mountains, our beloved fish still flourish. Our goal at The Meadows Project is to ensure that this resource remains for future generations to enjoy. 

For our dream to become a reality, we need your help! Producing the show has proven to be taxing on our old computer and we desperately need to upgrade to produce a show to reflect our high standards. We also need a second camera and several lenses to improve the shows quality. Please check us out on Vimeo, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to see the show and for more in-depth information about us and what we stand for. You can also go to our official site to see exclusive photographs.

As well as being a web series, The Meadows Project will be released as a full length documentary at the end of the 2015 trout fishing season in Vermont."

I encourage you to check out the beautiful imagery and video production from the team at The Meadows Project. Here is a small sampling of their work.

If you believe in the conservation of New England coldwater fisheries, The Meadows Project is a great way to help get the message out. Go support their Kickstarter Project and help them to continue this important work.

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