Thursday, January 19, 2017

First Fish of 2017

-- First 2017 Fish --
I'm shocked, yes shocked, to find stripers in January! First fish of 2017 and it seemed like the "fish on every cast" action from November continued. The expectations where very low heading out, but I fished with a very "fishy" guy who figured it out and got us all into some.

I met some new online friends (Nick of @coastbusters & Alex of @northsidecharters) at a Cape salt marsh at dead low for first light on last Sunday. It was in the lower 30's with some wind, but I was prepared and did not get cold all day.

First Light over a Cape Salt Mars
We hunted and probed deeper pools for about a hour without a bump. Alex ventured to a difficult spot which required a risky climb through a 5 ft deep drainage channel. He started getting some action, so Nick and I ventured through the channel and we all started hooking up on schoolies from 10 to 16 inches in length.

January Cape Schoolies
Over a dozen caught and as the tide came in the bite died. Both Alex and Nick left and I had the afternoon to look for more fish.

I called my friend, Jeff, and we met at a sea run brookie stream to see if we could find some. We started at the mouth and worked upstream, both of us pricking a few, but not landing any. It was my first time there and the water seemed low.
Sea Run Brook Trout Stream
I also got to try out a new saltwater intermediate line that Nate (@wicked_fly) had given me before Christmas. This Airflo Ridge Intermediate was great in the cold weather. It cast very nice and only tangled a few times due to my walking around with the line in the basket.
Airflo Intermediate gets a big "Thumbs Up"
Great start to 2017 and the first fish from the salt was a huge surprise.

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